Written by Si & Soph
Day 1

Our plan to get up early from Rome and get to Pompeii as quickly as possible went out the window due to a reasonably heavy night before, but we did manage to get away around 9 or so which overall was not too bad. We left our little apartment in Rome and begun the 2 1/2 hour car journey down to Pompeii. Needless to say, I am glad we got a hire car, because I don’t think taking a train or bus would have allowed us the freedom to see such amazing views.


Usually I am used to driving up the M25 or M1, I will tell you now, not that I need to, this trip was way more exciting and certainly got my attention with the mass variety of views and scenery. It was a bit sad in a way to see Rome behind us but we knew we were going somewhere really fantastic so it reduced the sadness a little.

Be aware, there are many tolls and speed cameras. I spent the whole week thinking 120kmph was the limit, much to many other drivers annoyance, but I did however eventually work out that 130kmph was the actual limit. The tolls you can expect to pay around 16 Euros for the Rome to Pompeii road, but actually I felt it was worth it just for the views and experience! It seems there are daily forest fires, unlike the UK traffic where everyone has to stop or slow down to see an accident etc. the Italians just use one of the Firemen to stand in the road and usher people on – not one person slowed down!


Above (Glimpse of Naples) – this city looked Gigantic from every angle!

I was pleased to say that we got to Pompeii in once piece and we were not let down by the bustling streets, happy people and beautiful architecture when we arrived.

Pompeii… wow… what an amazing place. We eventually got to our Hotel, it was not very expensive but when you are inside you could actually feel like you spent a fortune on it, considering also it was slap bang in the middle of the main plaza and near The Shrine of the Virgin of the Rosary of Pompeii (the big Cathedral). The top terrace was probably our favourite part though, lovely sun loungers, amazing views across the City, and an incredible view of the Volcano (Mount Vesuvius).


Originally we had planned to chill and do the tourist bits the next day, but we could not resist doing it on our first day. A 5 minute walk to get to the Archaeological brilliance, but very sad and brutal demise in it’s time, the Pompeii Scavi (well worth a read!) and we did also get stopped by a tour company for the Volcano trip (which in all honesty was a great idea and definitely haggle the price down!).

First though, we went off to Pompeii Scavi, here you will find the amazing ancient ruins of old dwellings, a gigantic palace and remains of what would have been a great amphitheater, I will however  warn you that the entrance is quite surreal, presenting you with humans set in a stone like appearance where the lava of the Volcano that erupted thousands of years ago, kept them in their last seconds of life appearance and position, very tragic indeed.

Once we had completed this surreal visit to the ruins, we wondered back down the long road to the tour company building and jumped on our bus almost instantly (literally got there just in time) for our trip to Mount Vesuvius – the views up there were indescribable, make sure you read our review on that one!


After returning back from the amazing Volcano tour, we walked back to our Hotel (naturally I stopped off at The Shrine of the Virgin of the Rosary of Pompeii and went inside). Once back at the Hotel, we got ready for the evening and to go and eat. This is the time when the City comes to life and brings full vibrancy to the area.



Our night ended at a fantastic 200 year old family restaurant called Add’u Mimi, the food and drink was excellent, as was the experience. We hope you enjoy the article on that one!

Day 2

We had an early start getting up and going to enjoy what was a decent breakfast in the hotel ! A good variety of pastries (lord help my waist line) and fruits and cereals!

We then headed off on our adventure to he Amalfi coast (check out or Amalfi coast blog)

On returning to pompei we had a quick power nap then headed up to the roof terraced hot tub to enjoy a few vodka and limes ! Once we had a few we went to get read for a night out in Pompeii

We decided to head to a local recommend restaurant ( from a popular review site ) on Arrival I decided it looked like a school canteen and we felt a bit unloyal to our new found friends in add,umimiwhat a great desision to make to return ,on arrival we were treted like kings ! what an amzing second night again the food was unreal as was the service and we were given a very genorous discount

after dinner feeling stuffed we waddled off to find some bars for drinks howevr was waylayed at the local ice cream palour emelia cremaria this place is unbeliavble so maby flavours to choose fron and they fill the botton of the cone with warn melted chocolate (once again lord help my waistline ) after induling we spent the rest of the night sat out bar diva which was a funky bar right ib the central square beautiful vibe where you cab listen to some decebt tunes and watch the vibrancy of the square at night

everyone seems to be happy and its a very special place to be

after a fair few lemoncelos ans vodka lemons we headed back to finisg the night off with a few drinks watching the stars in the roof top hot tub what an amazing way to finish the nihjt with the view of the volvcno in the nights horozion listning to the soubd of italian voiced and music gently playing (be warned the roof top has cctv so no getting frisky in the hot tub ) it was with great sadness we headed to bed knowing this wonderful experience was coing to a close


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