Rome ~ Part One

Welcome to Rome!

Originally, we had gone to Rome for Soph’s Birthday, but loved it so much we came back 4 weeks later! Here we will combine both trips into a few pages, as you can imagine there is a lot to cover in this beautiful City.

Day 1 (Trip One)

Arriving into Fuminici Airport was easy and smooth, we chose to hire a car as that way there is less to worry about and more we can see. We chose to stay outside of the City for this trip, around six miles out, in a Hotel called The Relais Sport Resort. It was sufficient as all we needed was somewhere to rest our heads and call home for 3 days.

As we arrived late that night we chose to enjoy a local bar called Mr Kite across the road from the hotel, we wont lie to you, we thought we had entered the Italian Ghetto, but as people say, never judge a book by it’s front cover. Everyone was friendly in this area, and the bar itself served it’s purpose. The staff were excellent and we began to learn some simple phrases and words from them. After many Lemonchello’s later we were ready to hit the hay!

Day 2 (Trip One)

It was a simple bus journey that took us from right outside our hotel eto a major Metro train link (EUR Palasport) around 25 minutes later.

Our first stop was of course to see The Colosseum and embark on our tour, to which we learnt so much and managed to get to the underground arenas and top tier of the magnificent landmark. It was one of Soph’s dreams to see The Colosseum and get up and close to the Gladiator feel of the place, you can read about this more via The Colosseum page. Beforehand we ate at La Biga, a lovely simple restaurant opposite the Colosseum.

After this, the tour guide took us over to Palatine Hill, appox 5 minute walk from the Colosseum. If you do not book a tour of this, you will expect to wait in the queue for at least 20 minutes (it is worth it trust me) but because we had this as part of the tour we were able to walk straight through with the tour guide. Here you will find amazing Ancient ruins of Rome – from Temples to old streets etc. that were only recently excavated! It takes a good hour or so to get around, but please make sure you do it! Check out the Palatine page we made to find out more!

After this, we made our way back to the Metro and got the train back to where we had left off earlier that morning. Once back at the hotel we ventured out to a restaurant we had looked up called La Gattabuia, great food and ambience (our full review can be found in our places to eat in Rome page) but to get there we drove along the river and caught glimpses of other areas we simply had to see after our meal.

We headed towards the river that runs through Rome. There are many sections you can get to but we found a particular area that we loved which had rows of riverside restaurants, music gatherings, bars and markets! It was absolutely buzzing! We grabbed a drink by the waterfall part of the River and then indulged in the other markets etc along the riverside before returning back to the car to head back!

Day 3 (Trip One)

This was the day I had been looking forward to in terms of tourist attractions – visiting The Vatican, Sistine Chapel and St.Peter’s Square – all I will say is you have to see this in your lifetime, but for now you can read my article! The tour itself takes around 3 hours so consider this in your visit planning schedule.¬†We drove near the Vatican area, it is quite amazing to do so. Keep an eye out for blue bay parking and the cost was not bad at all per hour.

Once we had done that tour and eaten an ice cream near the area, it was back off to the car and back to our hotel as we had to get ready for our Night Tour of Rome which included historic information,  visits to the Trevi Fountain, The Spanish Steps & Fountain Della Barraccia, Fountain dei Quattro Fiumi, some fantastic Egyptian obelisks, The Pantheon and much more! Make sure you read that entry!

We headed back to the Metro and embarked home. What an unreal day we had and one that will be in our minds and hearts forever!

To be continued…

Feel free to leave comments or questions below!


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