Rome ~ Part Two

Written by Si

Welcome back! Let us continue… (currently being updated)

Day 4 (Trip One)

Traditionally, most would stay around the beautiful City of Rome, however we are not most people. Before we flew out to Rome, Soph actually said to me “Does Rome have beaches?” – I honestly did not know, and to my amazement they do! And there’s bloody loads of them! However, we were very selective on our first beach trip in Rome (I will tell you now to keep an eye out on our future Rome beach blogs because we did venture to many others that are amazing!).

So… our last day in Rome! Major sad face, but we are ending it on a high with some beach action. After doing some research, we finally decided on our destination. Fregene!


Fregene is a very nice coastal line, ¬†flowing with a Bournemouth feel to it, lovely villas and very open. Once arriving in Fregene (about 25 minutes from central Rome when driving there) we were greeted with a busy place (this time around). There are numerous resteraunts along this strip, and I will tell you now, if you want to get a lounger on the beach you will need to pass through and pay. The place we chose was ‘Toni’s’ and we did go back on our next venture to Rome four weeks later also)

We were not fussed, it was 9 EUROS per lounger and we had access to a great beach that was beautiful and tidy, as well as the option of course of eating in their fine dining areas. It did also accommodate kids well and provided other sport activities.


We managed to sunbath for a few hours and got some great food to break the day up. We were on a time monitoring mission as we needed to get back to the airport around 7pm. However, us being us, we ventured out again. The thing is, we love exploring and when we see things in the distance we have to find out what it is. As you are on Fregene beach, you get a fantastic 180 degree view of other coastal areas and it was evident there were some other great places to see in a beach like fashion.

After jumping back in the car, we drove up the coast further to a new location (we found out using Apple Maps where we were looking at via the coast) to a place called Ostley – this is a real local town, everyone knows each other well. Oddly enough, we did not have much time but we did enjoy a local pizza and enjoyed the sun. 4 EUROS for about 10 slices of pizza and we also added in a couple of Pina Collada’s for good measure.

Once we had demolished these, we ventured back to Fregene (Fregene is appox. 30 mins from the Airport). We enjoyed a glass of wine in the restaurant overlooking the beach, before we had to sadly depart to the Airport. Randomly…. whilst we had our wine…. we booked to come back to Rome 4 weeks later! That is just how we roll sometimes!! And yes… we will be coming back to Fregene for sure too!

Keep an eye out for Rome Part 3 – our return and many more great places to go within (outside the tourist mindset!).


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