The Amalfi Coast 

Written by Soph

We decided to visit the Amalfi coast from Pompeii only around 28 miles but allow at least an hour and a half for the journey due to the nature of the drive!

We started winding our way up the mountains and heading through long tunnels cut within the rock face!

Little did I realise how this journey would be it all started so well enjoying the beautiful views as we wound our way up thin mountain roads! We passed through some stunning villages with the most amazing views. Below is a lovely view of Sorrento.


The higher we got the quieter I became which is rare for me picking our way through thin mountain roads with 1000 foot sheer drops to the side this drive is not for the fainthearted ! With Si driving and me getting  more nervous by the minute! To be honest by the time we reached the top we were nearly divorced before married with Simon telling me to take photos (rather difficult with my eyes screwed shut ) the road trip allows you to see Sorrento and the Island of Capri and all along the mountain pass there are places to pull over with some top photography opportunities (if you are brave enough to get out the car )


However all was eventually forgiven the views from the top are some of the most breathtaking I have ever seen and as we wound our way down to the coast I can honesty say I was awe struck into silence

We headed into a town on the coast called Positano the traffic in is horrendous but we were in the height of summer and it’s well worth the wait ! You drive down through winding streets full of little shops and restaurants at the end you can have you car valet parked for 5 Euro an hour or trek down for free which I wouldn’t advise.


Once parked you continue the walk on foot threw hustling little streets filled with art and culture ! The smells of fresh fruit all around I can honestly say one of the most amazing experiences of my life !


We reached the harbour at the bottom where there is also a beach which is rather crowed so Si and I chose to take a boat trip to a nearby beach Bangi d’arenzio this was great fun and the boat is free as long as you hire a sun lounger at the beach at 12-50 euros! The trip on the boat is worth it just for the stunning views as you look behind you! The scenery could of been painted on, it’s so vibrant!


The beach was stunning the sea crystal clear and warm an absolute gem of a find!

We chose to have lunch in the restaurant (book when you arrive or you may have a bit of a wait ) the food was first class and my seafood spaghetti tasted like the fish had just beeen pulled out the sea !



I really did not want to leave this paradise but we got the boat back over to the mainland retrieved our car and headed Back to Pompeii ! One argument and an hour later we arrived back in Pompeii in one piece! We will return to this beautiful coastline as soon as we can only next time I’m driving ……

Feel free to leave comments or questions below!


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