Rome ~ Part Four

Written by Si

Oh no! Our last day in Rome!! (although we have Pompeii to look forward to in the next morning!).

Our decision was simple… to go to a beach. Only this time I had done even more research and found an absolute gem! We were off to Ladispoli Beach.

I won’t give away too much here because we have a smashing section on beaches of Rome already and particularly this beach, Ladispoli, but I promise you, make sure you get here! It’s practically deserted and only about 35mins drive from Rome centre!

After enjoying this fantastic beach, we headed back home. I was on a mission, I had seen a beautiful church on our way out and I wanted to sit in front of it. I was also under clear instructions to not walk about on our last night!

Before we went to the church, The Santa Maria Maggiore, we decided to eat at a restaurant (also one we saw on our way out to the beach earlier). This was a typical Italian restaurant and we were not disappointed! Find out more here about Da Nino

After many lemonchello’s later, we stumbled up the hill, gave some money to a homeless man and his dog and then onto one of the most beautiful buildings I have ever seen.

Sat in front of this, in the lovely square plaza, we had dessert, and also some cocktails (I won’t lie, I can’t remember the names of them… we were pretty smashed) Antico Caffe Santamaria, but it was the event during this that will stay in our minds forever.

Whilst tucking into our dessert, we spotted the homeless man crossing the street with his dog. We grabbed his attention and invited him to sit with us. He refused several times before we really insisted. This is the moment we met Christian and his dog Victoria.

He had been travelling all over Europe in any way possible grafting money as and when he could. He was polish, and really down to earth. We had to utilise Google Translator apps to converse heavily. We got Christian some food and a beer and we conversed for a couple of hours learning about his goals and how he got here and where is next for him.

It was quite fitting that his name matched the predominant religion of this amazing country, and how we sat in front of one of the most beautiful churches I have ever seen. But tonight was an example that we are all human, the world is harsh sometimes but through love, food and caring we can all make this a better World. This was actually one of the highlights of our trip!

We cancelled our other drinking stops, we felt humbled and glad that we met such a lovely person and his dog whom carried on with his travels to his next destiny in life. It was time for us to get some sleep and get ready for ours….

Good night Rome.

Feel free to leave comments or questions below!


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