Marmaris – Turkey ~ Part One

Written by Si

In this blog, we take you to Marmaris in Turkey. We were joined by the boys Jay and Jordan for this one and I have to say it was a fantastic week away!

Upon arrival at the airport we made our way to our private taxi – I thoroughly recommend this as it was around £70 return and they provide you with on board movies, as well as having the advantage of not stopping off at every hotel like you typically do with a shuttle transfer. We were taken directly to our hotel – nice and simple!


Due to it being around 1am when we arrived we took the decision to call it a night and be up early the next day for our first day in Marmaris.

Our first day was a bit horrendous in all honesty – Soph and I were awfully ill, I don’t know if it was the drinks, food or whatever but either way this day was an absolute right off! So we will literally just skip to our second day – and trust me, we made up for it!


In our standard fashion, we do not sit still! Our first port of call whilst the boys were still asleep was to go to the local tour operator, these guys are great and do some really good deals. We thought we would do something really fun today so we hired out two quad bikes! Safe to say, this was one of the best things we have ever done!!

Upon driving them up to our hotel we called the guys down from their room. Evidently they were very excited about the day ahead and we took off. Stopping off at various places along the way, through Mountains, over to Ports and finding remote beaches, chalets and some lovely places to eat. Make sure you read our page on Taking Quad Bikes around Marmaris – it really was amazing and we can share with you some great stopping points around the coasts and mountains!

Upon our return to the hotel, the boys went off to explore the local town whilst Soph and I took the quads down to the coastal strip to locate somewhere to eat. Once we parked up we took a stroll. As we were at the end of August on our holiday, it was fairly quiet, but still the restaurants were lively and serving! We came across a long pier that led to seating. It actually belonged to a hotel called Elegance and we were kindly invited to make our way along the pier and basically sit in the sea. Beautiful views around us and right on the edge to look down at the hundreds of fish swimming around.

The food was excellent, the ambiance was perfect – nice and quiet with the sound of the sea hitting the pebbles. It was a great night to end one of the best days ever! Along the way back to the quad bikes, I naturally stopped off for some local ice cream, served along the coastal path. We made our way down to the local bazaar also – check out our blog on this as it was a fantastic shopping experience, especially if you love designer clothes!


Today was the day we all went to the Water Park (Marmaris Aqua Park). It was another activity we booked via the local tour operator. There are a few parks in Marmaris, but we chose this one based on the advise given and the brochures we looked at. It was overall really great value for money and if you want to come back on the bus they leave every 30 minutes after midday lunch has occurred. They take card and cash, but either way you have to install credit onto a card they give you – this becomes your currency for the day. You do get money refunded back to you if you have not spent it all, I think it was done this way to ensure security around the park.


It was a great layout to the park, they had a resident DJ up on a tower that overlooked the whole park – so you get to either relax on your sun loungers listening to music, or you can run riot on all the slides and swimming pools.

There were loads of different slides to go down, some fairly easy going and some that were really fast. Also options for double dingy slides. I am not a fan of heights but I dragged Soph up with me as we had pressure from the boys to participate in the slide fun!


Even if you do not like slides, you can enjoy the amazing views of Marmaris all around you. A great day out and you can be back whenever you want pretty much to get ready for the evening etc.

It was an eventful first couple of days, but there was plenty more to come – see you in Part 2!



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