Daniele – Sicilian Restaurant

Written by Soph

After our return from Italy, we were feeling a little lost, missing the fine wine, food and loveliness of the Italian people. So….. we thought we would bring Italy to ourselves locally.

Having searched the internet we discovered a Sicilian restaurant under 5 miles away from where we live. We had oddly driven past the entrance many a time and kept promising ourselves to visit this restaurant one day  – we made the choice finally to do it!

I will be honest, I did have reservations about the place and was under the assumption that albeit this may be a pleasant restaurant, it would not match our standard and experiences of the restaurants we had eaten at in Italy. However, I have to say, we were taken aback with what an absolute find this restaurant was. It is a family owned establishment, one you can tell is passionately run, all staff were Italian, and the place is situated in a beautiful converted barn with lovely peaceful outdoor eating areas also, which featured an impressive stone pizza oven. The whole ambiance of the place is beautiful.

Inside is a bustling little restaurant with a fantastic vibe. The staff are outstanding and the service is exceptional. There is a real Italian feel there and you could almost close the curtains and feel you were in Sicily, instead of the outskirts of Farnham!

The menu has a good variety of traditional Italian dishes and all are reasonably priced. The food was absolutely outstanding, freshly produced and cooked to perfection. The wine that we sampled was of course imported from Italy and priced at a reasonable cost of £21 for the bottle. From start to finish, our needs were catered for by ‘Double D’ (Daniele) who was running the restaurant whilst the owner was away on holiday (you will never guess where…Italy). Although it was an incredibly busy night and had booked earlier, at no point did we feel rushed or as if we needed to vacate our table.

We were made to feel welcome and he was extremely friendly, even though it was an exceptionally busy night. To top off what was an absolutely amazing experience, we were over joyed that they served our favorite Italian drink, Lemonchello’s of which we were given a complimentary shot of, albeit that we paid for four more each after that!

I can honestly say to date that this is one of my most preferred restaurants I have eaten at in the UK. We will definitely will be returning to this absolute gem of a find on a regular basis and have a feeling we would be welcomed back in the typical Italian fashion – a definite 5 stars from us!