Ladispoli nature reserve and beach 

I’m a little bit reserved to publish this review as this is a place I’d really like to keep to myself but however being the generous person I am I will share ! 

We found this of the beaten track beach in the middle of nowhere parking is on the country road and there is a lovely wander down through a nature reserve to get to this stunning little beach ! 

On our walk down we spotted a turtle swimming in a river which was a really highlight to us and the elderly Italian lady next to us that kept exclaiming big trurtke in Italian ! 

When  you get to the end of the walk you come to the most stunning beach with a beautiful castle ruins on it ! You will not find toilets or food here it is a beautiful beach with no ammintues ! A few Italian families were dotted about and no tourists this is a real taste of Italy!

Swimming in the little inlet the sea was warm and shallow and good choice for families with small children (just pack a picnic)  over the other side of the roccks locals are fishing and catching cockels and musscles !

The whole vibe here is so chilled and the location is stunning 

Having stumbled across this little gem we weren’t prepared and had no food or drinks however out of nowhere a man appeared selling ice drinks for 2 euros which were amazing !

A real life saver 

The pictures do not do this beautiful place justice and I hope this stays as unspoilt and natural for years to come