Pompeii Archeological Ruins

Written by Soph

This was probably one of the places I was most excited to visit! Being a bit of a tear away a school weirdly enough this one one of the lessons I loved and the history had stuck on my mind from my youth ! On arriving in Pompeii I couldn’t wait to discover more about this amazing town.


There was a bit A queue to get in on the gate we used with only one person manning the desk but in typical laid back Italian manner they eventually got to us.

I was stupidly excited and this did not disappoint the first thing you witness is bodies frozen in time from when the Volcano eruption wiped out this beautiful town eerie yet compelling you could actually feel Therese people fear and pain one person crouched up covering their face to me almost took me Back in Time to the second it happened.

Inside the ruins is breathtaking and you can imagine the hustle and bustle of this once thriving town the people chatting in the streets that smell of fresh bread being baked and fresh fruit all around. The remains of an ancient village as each villa is interlinked, you can still see the beautiful decorations on the walls, remains of tapestries and statues.


The views up to mount veniuis are breathtaking and each step on the cobbled streets took me back in time.


I was blown away by the beauty and the history of this place and it’s lead me to want to discover so much more. Considering a Volcano wiped most of this place out, many archaeologists have done an outstanding job of preserving as much as possible of this ancient location.

Pompei defiantly stole a piece of my heart and we will most certainly return!