Quad Biking in Marmaris, Turkey

Written by Si

As you know from our Marmaris blog, we took out two Quad bikes for the day, these were very cheap considering and have a good fuel tank in them that will get you around the region quite easily.

We hired ours through A&S Travel, but you can find tour operators throughout Marmaris. My advice would be to avoid your tour company you fly with as they are always more expensive, going to find your local street company will be way better for you, cost wise and multi-deal wise. We made really good friends with the guys there and they made sure we got some freebies chucked in too!

Once we had got the Quads, we took them back to the hotel and picked the boys up. The adventure truly began and will be one we will not forget. Please bare in mind to be as safe as possible when riding quad bikes!

We set off from our hotel to the West first of all (Green line on the map at the bottom of the page). This took us high enough to see all over Marmaris below you, there are plenty of areas to stop and take in the views!


We then carried on to Ickmeler Coastline where we grabbed a quick lunch, then went up the hills that way, there again are some great opportunities for lovely scenic pictures of the little island Keci Adasi. If you explore more on the way back, you can enter some lovely traditional villages!

It was now time to head back as if going back to the hotel, we decided to take the Purple Route and go along the coastal strip back into the main town area. A good way to familiarise yourself with Marmaris, and learn of places you want to go to eat in the evenings or find those great shops you want to go to!

We headed onto the blue track next (from our Hotel) – The first yellow circle at the top is worth looking for if you want to do some off road experience! Just be careful though, there are a lot of tracks to go around, I am surprised no one has set up a tourist trap there yet!!

Once we had a little fun, we carried on down the blue route – along here you will find some amazing stop off points where you often find people camping by the side of the road, or setting up family BBQ’s. It is great to stop off, talk to locals and walk down the rocks to your own private coastlines! The second yellow circle will be an array of restaurants definitely taking a look at. The food was amazing at both we went to, especially ‘Saranda’ – amazing views and hospitality.


After this, we headed towards Nimara Magarasi, but before you get to that part I have highlighted the Port, this is a good little stop off as you can watch some fishing, but over a small dune there is a beautiful pebble beach backing towards the sea outwards with a handful of people on it. Soph and I swam to the rocks along the back of the Magarasi, beautiful clear waters and so much life amongst the rocks.

Once you have stopped off at the port, make your way further down the track towards the Nimara Magarasi, keep going until you are adjacent the small island. We were fortunate to arrive when the party boat came past, this gave an impression we were stuck in a Pirates of the Caribbean movie setting. But take that away, you are still left surreal and beautiful views, stretching all the way around back to where we started in the morning and also Marmaris main center.

As the evening drew to a close we made our way back to the hotel, via the centre – which really does come to life at night and provides you with some great colours, lights and people.

The last day of our holiday, Soph and I took out quad bikes again and it allowed us to spend a bit more time in areas that we had past on the first day. We cannot recommend hiring out Quad Bikes enough, it is truly the best way to see the whole place and next time we would probably hire them for the whole week. It gives you the freedom to explore fully and go at your own pace without relying on others! I hope you have enjoyed this blog, I leave with with a few lasting images of our last day quad bike journey!

Thanks for reading!