The Colosseum

Written by Soph

From the moment I walked in the colosseum I was star struck ! Having a huge internet in the history of gladiators and Ancient Rome this was my vibe ! We booked a tour through city wonders simply because it got us VIP access well worth the extra money ! I can honestly say the best experience of my life it took my breath away .you go to the main stage the gladiators fought you can almost smell the fear adrenaline and blood the moment you step foot inside it !

Then deep in the bottom layer the amazing tour guides talk you through how the famous gladiators were Kept for days in the dark without food or water to be winched up onto the main stage blinded and starved to face whatever foes the Romans had picked for them !the feeling of claustrophobic in these dark tunnels and seeing the lifts that whinced these galdotors up is eerie yet Elating at the same time ! One can only imagine the smell and fear within this deep tomb . then to discover how the main stage was floooded and elephants and giraffes would appear whist gladiators fought in boats !

Over 100-000 gladiators where killed within the first 100 days of the games yet contrary to believe the majority of there were criminals the slave gladiators were expensive to kill and were usually saved!

Only the popular and Most Famous  gladiators were granted freedom !most continued in their lives of slavery  ! I cannot describe this experience enough and the finial to be on the top level where the salves got to enjoy the games for free with the whole of Rome before your eyes !

Shortly after exploring the main arena and below, we got taken up to the top tier! Sights over Rome one side, and an amazing view of the whole Colosseum the other!

Magical and an experience I will keep close to me for the rest of my life .